Get Rid of Stretch Marks: Home Remedies and Tips for Stretch Mark Removal

Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are considered to be a scarring on the skin appearing as a silvery white hue. Stretch marks happen when the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching. They are often caused by rapid growth due to pregnancy, weight gain, or extreme weight loss. Stretch marks can occur anywhere, but are most likely to appear in places such as stomach, upper arms, thighs, breasts and buttocks, where larger amounts of fat are stored. 

You may probably want to know how to get rid of stretch marks fast. If a good diet and a few basic skin care tips are followed, you can easily remove these marks. Read about home remedies and tips for stretch marks removal in this article.

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Home Remedies and Tips for Removing Stretch Marks

Here are some tips and home remedies to help you get your smooth, stretch mark-free skin back. Follow these stretch marks removal tips in skin care as soon as you start witnessing the signs of it on your body.
1. First, it is important to keep the skin well-hydrated as this helps in preventing stretch marks from forming.
2. A well balanced diet with nuts and seeds which are good sources of Zinc can prevent marks.
3. Moisturize the affected area regularly in minimizing and removing marks within a short period of time.
4. Exfoliating before moisturizing will also help stretch mark treatments penetrate the skin better.
5. Exercise daily as it tones muscles. This is good way to remove stretch marks after pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Stretch Mark Removal

Who doesn't want to know how to get rid of stretch marks fast? There are many home remedies to treat these marks, most of them readily available in your pantry. Some of the most helpful remedies are discussed in this article. These simple home remedies are completely free from side effects.
1. The best stretch mark removal home remedy for your skin is to use natural creams, made from natural ingredients that are proven to be effective.
2. Vitamin K is shown to be beneficial for removing stretch marks. Treat and prevent these white marks with oral and topical vitamin K. Application of vitamin K cream can make them lighter.
3. Applying lavender oil can help in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.
4. Vitamin E helps to get rid of marks. Massaging the skin with vitamin E and having vitamin E supplements on daily basis can aid in the removal of scars.
5. Cocoa butter removes pregnancy stretch marks fast. Massage for 15 minutes from the fourth month of pregnancy to prevent them.
6. Massaging the skin with avocado oil is a good home remedy to reduce these marks.
7. Stretch marks are one of the annoyances of pregnancy. Folic acid recommended by most gynecologists during pregnancy, and lactation also contributes significantly towards the removal of stretch marks during pregnancy.
8. Applying egg white and egg white powder, a rich source of protein, on marks helps to get rid of them fast.
9. In the case of stretch marks, application of aloe vera will encourage the formation of new collagen cells that reduces and reverses the effect.

There exist treatment options for stretch mark removal such as stretch mark removal creams, laser therapy, or stretch mark surgery to get rid of stretch marks fast.